Keeping it clean

I'm well known for firing cleaning crews that don't meet my standards. If I am paying you to clean the office, I expect the office to be cleaned.

Email sign offs suck!

I'm not at all a fan of "Best" because it's unfinished. Best what exactly? I have no idea what you're trying to say. I'm never happy to see an email signed off with "Best", I think it's lazy and unimaginative.

The fun stuff – Events

A former employer of mine continues to host massive events multiple times a year. It's not unusual for me to hear about former co-workers heading off to see Jay Z or Kendrick Lamar performing a concert exclusively for employees.

Culture Part 1

I think too often management is either out of touch with the real culture or they're deliberately ignoring it. A quick scan of Glassdoor tells you if your culture needs work or not and it's best not to ignore those signs or it could really cost you down the line.

Flights, Hotels and Cars

Too many times I found myself in situations where I was trying to make non-refundable plans for someone going from somewhere I knew nothing about to somewhere I knew nothing about.

To sit or stand

Every CEO I talks to tells me the story of how the employees want Stand Up desks but he/she thinks they're too expensive and people just end up sitting anyway so what's the point? Then I hear from employees how badly they want the option to stand or sit, depending on what they're working on.

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