At some point in time, your start up will move. They all do. It’s inevitable. The growth phase of a start up indubitably means larger office space is needed at some point and organizing the move is going to fall on you.


Truth in advertising

Job postings with the generic "Greater Los Angeles Area" are doing you a disservice.

Beer is not the problem

Employees working hard at start ups have no desire to destroy the company culture by getting shit-faced and damaging their company brand; it’s rarely done out of malice. It’s done because no one told them they couldn’t.

Ice Ice Baby

CEOs make strange requests. There's stories of Office Managers and Executive Assistants being asked to do bizarre things only to have the CEO decide it wasn't necessary after all. It can be truly infuriating.

Keeping it clean

I'm well known for firing cleaning crews that don't meet my standards. If I am paying you to clean the office, I expect the office to be cleaned.

Email sign offs suck!

I'm not at all a fan of "Best" because it's unfinished. Best what exactly? I have no idea what you're trying to say. I'm never happy to see an email signed off with "Best", I think it's lazy and unimaginative.

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