Flights, Hotels and Cars

At my first start up, travel played a huge part in my day to day. We had multiple offices in various states and remote employees. My CEO traveled a LOT. Too many times I found myself in situations where I was trying to make non-refundable plans for someone going from somewhere I knew nothing about to somewhere I knew nothing about. It ended up taking hours to book a single trip and countless back and forth with the traveler. What a complete waste of time for everyone! Within weeks I started searching for travel software – surely there was an app that could help me manage all this travel. Then I found it, my holy grail – NexTravel.

NexTravel is a simple travel site that allows any employees within my company to create an account. I create a policy that places limits on all the parameters I choose such as airlines, cost thresholds that then require approval and approval workflows. I can even link it back to Expensify if I desire. All this is offered at a low price point per active user (the base model is completely free!)

Here’s why I love it

– Each employee sets up a profile in NexTravel with their personal info, preferences (seat/food/etc.) and loyalty program info. If I ever have to book a flight for them, I have their info ready to go.

– If I every need help changing a flight, hotel or car reservation, I can call the support team and for a very low price, have a travel agent assist. In fact, any of the employees can call support so the chances of me having to get involved are next to none!

– NexTravel uses real time pricing, so there’s no premium add on for the service.

– NexTravel integrates perfectly with our AirBnB Business account and allows me to track all our travel in the same place.

– I can also book on behalf of potential new hires or guests with ease.

– Travellers have the option to input their own credit card so they can choose to pay using the corporate card or a personal card, depending on their own financial situation.

As with any website, there are the occasional problems. On very rare occasions, the website will display a flight combo or price that isn’t quite right but in every instance, a simple email to NexTravel’s support team has resulted in a quick response and resolve. All in all, I think that’s a very small price to pay for all the benefits NexTravel provides.

** I’ve not received compensation from NexTravel for this post. I really just do love them that much!


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