When it comes to Glassdoor

Glassdoor is a fantastic resource for employees to give feedback about the company they work for. Employers love it when it’s positive but what happens when it’s not?

In my experience, employees don’t want to publicly shame their employers and they use Glassdoor as a last resort – so that means, the employee has likely exhausted all the channels available to them within the organization but remain in an inflamed mind space with no other outlet for their frustration.

Reading a negative Glassdoor review is a red flag for me because it tells me that internally the company doesn’t listen or respond to feedback from employees. In an interview with a potential new employer, I would bring up the bad reviews and listen to their explanation but, let’s be honest, the damage is already done and nothing leadership says is likely to undo it.

My immediate question to a negative Glassdoor review is “how does it get to this state?”

Surely the leadership team communicates and understands that there is an upset employee. Surely the organization understands the reason for the complaint. Surely they’ve noticed the dissonance in their team as the upset employee has disrupted the work space with frustration.

What would you do in this situation? What action would you take? Address the problem or let it fester?

What if you talked to the employee and explained your side honestly. If the employee remains unsatisfied why not offer a separation package in exchange for them quietly exiting the organization? A fair severance amount and a pleasant farewell without emotion would be less damaging than a review that can never be changed by you, despite all your efforts.

The bottom line is companies ignore Glassdoor reviews at their peril. In the end, it costs them their reputation but can also cost them potential new hires and that’s when it can hurt the most.








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