C Fold/Z Fold – A simple way to bring joy to your office


Ok, now that’s out of the way.

There’s a really simple way to save money and have the entire office thinking you’re incredible – put Z Fold towels in your hand towel dispensers.

Seriously, it’s that easy.

Z or Multi-fold paper towels will save you money. They will save you time. Your office staff will love you.  Let’s look at why…

This is a C Fold paper hand towel.


The towels are stacked one on top of another with edges folded into a C shape, these edges are designed for the user to pick up the hand towel. These are great if they’re stacked on a counter or in a basket with the C edges facing up.

This is a Z fold paper hand towel.


The towels are interlocked with each other so that as a towel is taken, another towel appears. These are great in counter top or hanging dispensers. They’re also known as multi-fold towels.

But why?

C Folded towels get stuck in the dispenser. When trying to grab that little C edge through a hanging dispenser, the user may end up grabbing multiple towels then pull, potentially jamming the dispenser, ruining a handful of towels and wasting money.

Z Folded towels operate like a box of tissues so as you pull one out, another appears. It’s easy for the user to see the towel and give it a light tug to get it to release.

On a counter top or in a basket, Z Fold towels are not effective because there’s not mechanism to stop the next interlocked towel (or 20) and the user ends up with a toppled tower of paper towels (sort of like what you see in the image below). In the counter top basket instance, a C Fold is superior as it allows the user to take a single hand towel without disturbing the rest (except maybe a trail of water).

z fold.png

If you’re using a dispenser and C fold towels, try 1 box of Z folds then come tell me what you think.

My recommendation for Z/Multi Fold handtowels can be easily ordered through Amazon.






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