Email sign offs suck!

I watched a video on LinkedIn titled “8 ways not to sign off emails (and the 1 way to sign off emails)”. The 1 way they suggest — “Best”.

I’m not at all a fan of “Best” because it’s unfinished. Best what exactly? I have no idea what you’re trying to say. I’m never happy to see an email signed off with “Best”, I think it’s lazy and unimaginative.

My suggestion for a sign off depends greatly on the purpose of the email. My default is “Regards” but if I’m thanking you, you’ll get “Thanks”. If I’m genuinely chuffed about our conversation, you’ll get “Warmly”. If I’m not happy, you’ll just get my name. I also check how you signed off and may choose to match you (as long as it’s not “Best”). It all depends on the conversation we’re having.

Emails are not a template in place of communication; they’re a form of communication. We need to be respectful that we’re talking to an actual person and we should respect the content of the conversation and the reader.

Figuring out the right sign off can be stressful, I get it. But let’s not be lazy and use a single word with a vague meaning because we’re too rushed to fit the closing to the conversation we’re actually having.


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