Keeping it clean

My pet peeve in an office is a bad cleaning crew. I’m well known for firing cleaning crews that don’t meet my standards. That being said, my standards aren’t sky-high; they’re completely reasonable. If I am paying you to clean the office, I expect the office to be cleaned. Let’s talk about what that means.

You’re probably paying too much for cleaning services.

It’s very likely you could cut your cleaning bill in half simply by getting quotes from a few local cleaning companies that you could find through a simple Google or Yelp search.

I went from paying approx $1,000 a month for 3 days service to $800 to $500 to $400 within the span of a few months. The price drops started when I began shopping around for quotes because I wasn’t happy with the service. The $400/month crew ended up being the best – reliable, thorough and followed instructions. You don’t have to pay a lot to get a lot. Shop around. Get quotes. Save money.

What do cleaners do?

How your office is cleaned will depend on your individual office needs. How many bathrooms? Do you want the dishwasher emptied/filled? What type of flooring surfaces are in your office? How many trash cans need to be emptied? Will you provide supplies?

When cleaners provide the products, you’re likely paying a premium price. It’s best to purchase toilet paper, soap and hand towels in bulk through Amazon and have the cleaning crew replenish them. My team brings their own cleaning products, the cost of which is included in my monthly charge.

Though our dishwasher is filled and started by our cleaning team. We do ask that our staff place dishes in the machine rather than leave them in the sink. This helps the cleaning crew focus on more critical things like trash, bathrooms and floors.

Another big key to keeping our costs low is desk cleaning. I make it absolutely clean to my cleaning crews that desks are off limit. Under no circumstances should cleaners be wiping down desks. They can spray disinfectants on phones, keyboards or mice but we specifically ask they not wipe down desks or move things on desks. If the employee wishes to clean their desk, we have disinfecting wet wipes for them to do so. Desks are a personal space and can sometimes have half finished work left overnight so it’s critical that our cleaning crews leave the desks alone. In my experience, any time cleaning crews mess with desks, employee complaints are guaranteed.

A few tips to reduce your costs:

  • Minimize the number of trash cans. Consolidate multiple trash cans in the same room for 1 or 2 large trash can/s.
  • Have uniform trash cans so the same size bag can be used in each.
  • Order ample supplies for your cleaning crew. Be sure to replace supplies when low (especially trash bags).
  • Keep cleaning products and supplies in the same storage area to minimize travel time for cleaning crew.
  • If your office is a multi-story building, keep some supplies in a cabinet on each floor.
  • Keep a small batch of supplies on hand for yourself to manage small spills or messes.

Most importantly, communicate with your cleaning crew.

If you’re not happy, tell them.

They can only improve if you talk to them and tell them exactly what you want. Without your feedback, they’re doing what they think is best based on what they see when everyone is gone and the office is empty. Opening a dialog between you and them will help both sides immensely and allow small problems to be addressed before they turn into big issues.



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